Producer, then producer/rapper, to creating G.O.O.D. music, then diving into fashion, with the “yeezy’s”…now the airline business.

Kanye West continues to find platforms, to express his creativity, and get his visions from his head to the “real” world. There seem to be no boundaries, from his vantage point. He has now partnered with European airline “easyJet”, to provide their first entrance into the United States marketplace.

Kanye stated, “The notion of ‘getting fly’ is something I stayed awake at night thinking about,” West said in the official press release. “With DONDA, it happened on a more metaphysical, psychological level. With yeezyJet, I’ve manifested myself. I’m taking people places they’ve never been before. There are 300 million people within a one-hour drive of an yeezyJet airport. I sell out one concert, that’s only 100,000 people. I want to reach the most people possible. I want to literally show them the way.”

The venture is expected to provide premium, hand-woven Italian textile-clad seats, Krug Clos d’Ambonnay 1998 artisanal beverage service, and an exclusive viewing of in-flight media experience ‘Getting Out Our Dreams’ – a never-before-seen chronicle of West’s favorite songs, movies, artists and TV shows. Furthermore, patrons will be treated to a concert on the tarmac from various G.O.O.D. musical artist, such as: Pusha T, Common, John Legend, as well as new signess. Kanye West added, “This is Willy Wonka, except I’m giving out gold chains instead of golden tickets.”

For those eager to book a flight in advance, visit or call toll-free 1-844-2FLYEEZY.