In our efforts to bring you nothing but the best eye candy (such a tough job… It really is!) we have returned with a gorgeous lady named Nisey Kamai from the DMV. Nisey has been heating up various websites and videos around the net and is making her grand appearance in Juelz Santana’s upcoming Nobody Safe video. Now, you can catch her right here on Street Khemistry with our exclusive interview.


Street Khemistry: How did you get involved in modeling?
Nisey Kamai: I started modeling when I was in middle school. I participated in hair shows, school fashion shows, model organizations and attended multiple casting calls.

SK: Where are you from?
Nisey: Well, I was born in Washington, DC, but I didn’t reside there for long. I grew up in Forestville, MD and Capital Heights, MD area for the majority of my childhood. Those not from the area would consider me a DMV breed.

Q: What was your first job outside of modeling?
My very first job was bagging groceries when I was fifteen. Hahaha. It wasn’t long before I quit, because my manager had me in the freezing cold collecting shopping carts.


SK: Tell us what makes you sexy.
Nisey: My personality, ambition, sex appeal and eyes is what makes me sexy. I know how to have a good time with a male, because I can carry a conversation or relax during man time (games, video games and etc). I’m a pretty good cook, which is rare for my age group. Many women can’t hold a conversation with men, so that’s a major plus. I’m very independent and go hard to achieve anything I desire. My sex appeal is very natural. It’s the simple things that make me sexy, so when I try to be sexy, it’s incredible.

SK: Tell us five things you would want people to know about you.
– I love watching ESPN and sports; I prefer to watch basketball and I’m down with the lakers nation! Enjoy watching “First Take” and “Sportscenter.”
– I wouldn’t consider myself bisexual as I would never date a woman, but, I call it being playful since I wouldn’t mind having fun with a beautiful woman.
– I’m addicted to video games.
– Spiders will make me cry like an infant.
– I’m a scorpio. 75% of what you may read or hear about us is true when it comes to me.

SK: What makes you unique from other models?
Nisey: By far, my look. Yes I’m a voluptuous woman, but I have a versatile look. In every picture I look like a completely different person without trying. I could be from an island, mixed, boricua, and different races ask me all the time, are you this, are you that, are you mixed with that. I’m rarely seen as just African American even after I tell people I’m 100% Black.


SK: Which one of your features gets the most attention?
Nisey: It’s a tie between my ass and eyes, LOL!! Probably my eyes, because I can be in a very dark room and some how a person always notices my eyes.

SK: What music and artists do you listen to?
Nisey: I enjoy all genres of music, but I prefer rap/hip-hop. My favorite artists right now are Future, Drake and Wiz Khalifa. I just love hood music. Music that gets me hype and I go crazy while I’m saying the words. Lmao

SK: If you weren’t modelling, what do you think you career path would you have chosen?
Nisey: I actually went to college for Fashion Merchandising, but I didn’t graduate. I would’ve been a stylist or fashion marketer/coordinator. Modeling has always been my passion and number one objective, but I knew I needed a back up plan, so I went to school. Being involved in the fashion industry would satisfy me just as much as modeling would.


SK: Describe the perfect man.
Nisey: The perfect man for me is a man with his own. Having your own place and vehicle is very important. I look for personality, ambition and style.

SK: What are your top three turn ons and turn offs?
Turn offs:
– Lack of hygiene and up keep in your environment. I can’t stand a guy that doesn’t groom, wash, brush his teeth or cleans his house. WTF?!
– Ambitionless, lazy, broke. A man that doesn’t bother to make power moves will always be useless! I can’t deal with it.
– Hype beast. Always bragging about what they own or what they just copped… ANNOYING!
– Male groupies, haaaaaaaa… it’s really ashame they even exist, but some males be press over OTHER males and females moves.
Turn ons:
– A gentlemen. Someone well mannered, respectful, considerate and just knows every little thing to say or do without me hencing at it.
– A man that can cook will steal my heart. I love food. Eating a home cooked meal from a special someone is a lot better than eating at my favorite restaurant.
– Someone that knows how to make me feel special. I pay attention to every detail, so I don’t miss a beat.

SK: What can we expect to see from you this year?
Nisey: Being involved in many more projects. I plan to be a part of music videos, magazines, blogs and possibly TV. These are just short term goals I’ve set for myself to get where I would like to be in the end. I’m aiming for almost anything my mind wants to do.

Instagram: niseykamai
Twitter: @niseykamai
For bookings: niseykamai@gmail.com