-Nita Applebum-

We got another one! This time Greensboro, North Carolina brings us the beautiful Ms. Nita Applebum. The classy yet sexy model/nurse tells us a bit about herself in this exclusive Street Khemistry interview. Bo-Nita Applebum, you gotta put me on!

Street Khemistry: How did you get involved in modeling?
NITA: A friend of needed help for project photo shoot that he was working on and asked for my help. I got in front of the camera and I have been in love with it every since that moment.
SK: What has been your best modeling experience so far?
NITA: I would have to say the best modeling experience I have had so far was the Model Monday interview on 102 Jamz I had a blast and finally got to meet the people I listen to on the radio everyday.
SK: Are you currently dating?
NITA: Yes I am taken fellas.
SK: What type of men are you attracted to?
NITA: I love a man that can make me laugh even when I don’t feel like it. I’m attraction to ambition, his passion for life and the ability to know how to really treat a lady.
SK: Describe the perfect man.
NITA: I believe there is no perfect man, but if I must say it would be one that caters to his lady’s every need physically, mentally and spiritually.
SK: Describe a perfect night out.
NITA: A perfect date to me is cooking a delicious meal together and cuddling up and watching a movie.
SK: What was your first job?
NITA: My first job was at Wendy’s working in the drive through now I’m a nurse.
SK: Whats your favorite drink?
NITA: I’m in love with coconut water.
SK: Tell us what makes you sexy.
NITA: My confidence is what makes me sexy. Sexiness is a state of mind.
SK: Tell us five things you would want people to know about you.
1) I’m not just beautiful I am very educated I hold a Bachelor in the Science of Nursing.
2) I’m the only girl with two brothers so I can be a bit of a tomboy play video games, etc I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty.
3) My favorite food is japanese hibachi.
4) I play 3 different instruments trumpet, french horn and clarinet.
SK: What do you do for down time?
NITA: In my down time I usually work out to stay fit, watch movies (I’m a movie fanatic) spend time with friends and family.
SK: What makes you unique from other models?
NITA: What makes me unique from other models is that I am attempting to show women that you can both sexy and classy, first impression is everything and you don’t want to put the wrong message out their about yourself.
SK: What are your top three turn ons and turn offs?
NITA: Turn one include sexy lips, well toned muscles and being a great listener. Turn offs include men who think they are God’s gift to women, a man who is super cocky and selfish.
SK: Which one of your features gets the most attention?
NITA:  I get a lot of compliments on lips and my hour glass shaped figure.
SK: What’s the best way for a guy to approach you?
NITA: If a guy wants to approach me he may want to take a more conservative approach, be able to hold an intelligent conversation and most importantly be respectful.
SK: What can we expect to see from you this year?
NITA: You can expect to see me in upcoming videos, fashion shows, magazines and my website is coming out very soon.
SK: What is something most people don’t know about you?
NITA: Most people don’t know I’m a book nerd, always have and always will be one.
SK: What music and artists do you listen to?
NITA: I listen to artists such as Lupe Fiasco, Drake, Wale, J.Cole, Maxwell, The Fray, Green Day, Common and Amy Winehouse.
SK: If you weren’t modelling, what do you think you career path would you have chosen?
NITA: Lucky I have been blessed to be able to do both modeling and nursing.
SK: Whats the biggest obstacle you’ve overcome?
NITA: My biggest obstacle was nursing school, if I want to succeed that something I will stop at nothing until its accomplished. I believe the world owes us nothing it was here first, if you want something you gotta go get it.
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