It is no surprise to us New Yorkers and anyone in the East Coast that finally the weather is stabilizing. Good weather, exams done , school will be officially over (except for you stuck in summer school  tsk tsk) and it will be time to pack your bags and get out of town. Now the reason I am going to write this post on traveling which is unusual for me but I think the good weather has been inspiring me and has had me searching for new places to visit this summer. I imagine some of you Street Khemists are doing the same. So I was informed about this website and I checked it out and I thought it would be nice to switch it up for a second and talk about something that is on all our minds VACATION! So ladies and gentlemen I introduce you to


As an inner city kid growing up in the Bronx we just didn’t travel much. There was issues that just couldn’t be avoided. We were a large group and we had low funds. My family went to one place and one place only repeatedly and that was the Dominican Republic. Not that I am complaining it was cool to get on a plane and land in a place where people looked like me even though I sounded different. It was also nice to see a familiar face in a different country since majority of our family were out there so we never worried about accommodations.


We didn’t get to travel out of just plain leisure though and that was always a regret for me, but I have taken advantage of the opportunity as a working adult and I plan to continue to do so when I have children. Growing up that’s what I always wanted to do. I just wanted to see the world. Even though I have probably seen more places than most in the US I still haven’t made an epic trip. One for the books. One that when I tell my grandchildren about it they will be like Grandma is cool! I haven’t made that trip yet. However, now that I been informed about Voucher Sky I am planning on it.


As I am discovering these new social medias and websites I am beginning to realize there is no excuse anymore. For example, When you check out the website you will see that this company provides discounted vouchers to different destinations and online shopping as well.


As a New Yorker a place known as a melting pot I should definitely get out more and see outward sites and I will be able to do that through Browsing through this website I saw they had a deal on this other company called Park Holidays UK.


I think it was the answer to all my prayers halleluiah! I found that you can get a great weekend getaway at an affordable price using Vouchersky. Park Holidays UK has been around since 1984 started by Peter Bull and Jim Watson as a family business. The first park was at Frenchman’s Beach at Rye in East Sussex. Now it has grown to 24 parks and thanks to Peter Bull’s and Jim Watson’s hard work alongside Graphite Capital & Caledonia Investments Plc placing high investments into the company it has been thriving even though Jim Watson retired in 2006. The option of traveling to the South of England at a great deal and having the opportunity to stay in a caravan, cottage or luxury apt be an experience that you can give to yourself or your family. There is so much to do for everyone in the family. There are indoor and outdoor pools, fishing, water skiing, dancing, live theater for kids and adults or just plain ol’ relaxing. That sure sounds like a good vacation no?


Park Holidays UK has great fun for the entire family! I wish this was something my parents knew about. Traveling outside your current country applies education and growth into your upbringing. It expands your outlook on life and people you meet. Basically what I am saying it is a win win. Maybe, people who meet people such as myself who grew up in Bronx or any other borough in NYC and discover that we have had the opportunity to travel around the world thanks to a place like Voucher Sky we might have more doors opened for us because we are just a little bit more cultured than expected.

To get great traveling deals visit and don’t let the fact that you are from the inner city or think you have insufficient funds to do so. Do your research! and get bang for your buck using to get the best deal if you decide to go to Park Holidays UK.

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